Traveling with baby

This section of the site was originally inspired by the arrival of our new grandson who was traveling to Tenerife at just 3 months old.  To lessen the burden on his parents we decided to purchase all the consumables such as nappies, wipes and toiletries before their arrival, so that they had room in their luggage for his other essentials. 

Obviously not everybody has the advantage of having relatives living in Tenerife, so it made us think that the experience of traveling to Tenerife with babies and young children could be made more comfortable if you knew what products and services where available before hand, so that you could plan ahead.

Nappies, wipes, baby food and toiletries take up a lot of room in your luggage, so why not pack just enough for the journey and a few extra 'till you arrive in Tenerife. 

There are several supermarkets where you can purchase all these baby essentials which are open from 9:15am until 9:15pm.  The Mercadona is the best value for money and can be found at the Gran Sur shopping centre, Torviscas Alto. Mercadona also have shops in San Eugenio Shopping Centre, Las Americas, and  Las Chafiras, ideal if you are staying in Golf del Sur or Amarilla Golf, and Los Olivos, if you are staying in or around Callao Salvaje.  Other supermarkets include Hiper Dino, Hiper Trebol, Spar and Netto to name but a few.


Baby milk is one of the few items that you should bring with you as you are unlikely to be able to buy the same brand over here.

One of your concerns might be whether or not you should bring the sterilizer for the babies bottles as it is quite a bulky item.  No need to though as sterilizing units are available to hire at very reasonable rates, here in Tenerife.  Great idea!

Very young infants will need their pushchair right up to boarding the aircraft, but if you have a child who can manage without, why not hire one when you arrive in Tenerife.

Your holiday accommodation will probably be able to supply a cot or highchair.  If this is not the case, these too are available to hire locally.  In fact you can hire virtually everything in Tenerife that you have in your own home to keep babies and young children safe and secure.

It's almost inevitable that there will be occasions when your child is out of sight, possibly because you and your child will be sleeping in separate rooms while on holiday. This can be a major concern for parents, but it need not be, as there is a simple solution! Consider using a baby monitor to monitor baby with, during your holiday.

Today you can get baby monitors that will allow you to monitor your baby with video and sound, and they are relatively inexpensive. If you are traveling to Tenerife, then you should have no problem in using your UK monitor with a simple plug adaptor as the voltage is the same in Tenerife as it is in the UK.