Spanish Certificate of Good Conduct

A Certificate of Good Conduct may be necessary for anyone who has ever spent time living in Spain or the Canary Islands in the last 5 years.

If you are asked to provide your own Certificate, there are a number of organisations that will be able to help you. For many, the Spanish Embassy or Consulate is the first port of call but it can take up to three months and £200 to get your document.

It is important to know that your Good Conduct Certificate will need to be Apostilled, to have any legal status in the UK.

For many, the process of obtaining your Certificate from the Spanish Ministry of Justice is too complicated, costly, and time consuming.

We can help with the application process - £20

Good Conduct


If you live in the UK and want to get hold of your Spanish Certificate of Good Conduct quickly and cheaply, we can help by completing the application form for you, ensuring that your application won't be rejected.

The whole process is simple, fast and inexpensive.

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