Shipping to Tenerife - International Removals

You may find that when you finally come to  move to Tenerife there are some possessions that you simply cannot leave behind. This could range from a few boxes to a full house. Where do you begin?

The first thing to do is decide what you really need to bring with you. Remember, apart from small air shipments, international removals are usually priced according to volume, so the size of the move will dictate the cost. You may have to be rather ruthless when it comes to decision time. Use your knowledge of what is easily available in Tenerife and what things cost at both ends. Take a close look at possessions of sentimental value and choose a selection to have with you. If you have children, it is a good idea to make sure some of their familiar toys, books and games go with them; moving to a new country is not always easy for kids, and having their favourite things around them will help them settle.

Next, think about how to transport your personal effects to Tenerife. There are various ways of doing this.

You could pack up your car or van, drive to Cadiz and get the ferry. This can be a great experience but it is also tiring, more costly than you may think and certainly time-consuming. Of course, you are limited to what will fit inside your car, but some people find this is the option for them, and it incorporates transport of the vehicle to Tenerife, too.

Air freight to the Canaries is an option for those only wishing to bring a small amount of goods. Both size and weight are taken into account when calculating charges, and the consignment must be customs cleared at both ends.

Shipping household goods to Tenerife (sea freight) is the most commonly-chosen alternative. Charges are calculated according where collection is from, whether professional packing is needed, the total volume of goods to be transported and the delivery conditions. You can ship personal items only, and/ or furniture, electrical goods, sporting equipment……almost anything can be transported to Tenerife in this way. It is a safe and secure option and doesn’t take as long as you may think.

Shipping cars to Tenerife is also possible, and many people choose to bring their vehicles with them. The cost of shipping needs to be taken into consideration along with charges that will be made later for putting the car on Spanish plates.

Finally, you need to choose an international removals company with the correct local experience and the necessary infrastructure at both ends to make sure your removal goes smoothly. When phoning round, it is always good to ask if your removers have carried out similar services very often. Ask who their local agents are and how good their communications system with the Canary Islands is. Moving to the Canaries is unlike moving to any other part of Europe, due to the islands’ tax status and customs requirements. You need somebody who knows their way around the local red tape and who also has plenty of experience in handling goods for sea transit.

With the right help and advice, you will find that if you need to bring goods into Tenerife, it can be a trouble-free, economical and straightforward process.